Monster Funder Update: Triple Funded!


Thank you for donating to the Kevin Hurley Scholarship fund. The endowment will be used to fund annual scholarships related to exemplary athletic team and community leadership. Kevin was a passionate athlete and was involved in coaching high school and minor sports. Always a team player, Kevin’s selfless nature was exceptional, and contributed to team success and community building.

This annual scholarship will be awarded to one male or female recipient aspiring to attend any form of post secondary education (university, college, or training). Kevin never stopped learning, whether formally or informally; it was an important part of his life.

The scholarship will be awarded to a high school student who has demonstrated exceptional leadership and organization while giving back to the community through their athletic endeavours. Financial need may be taken into consideration as Kevin believed in equal opportunity no matter the demographic or social background.

I would like to thank Kyle Selig for managing the funds from the campaign

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