$8000 Raised to date!


Hello Friends and Family

I am creating this page in order to help with financial assistance for my brother in law Sophorn(Sam), his amazing wife Jaimee and my beautiful niece Audrey!

As some of you may or may not know five years ago our family received the news you never want to hear, at the young age of twenty four my brother in law was diagnosed with end stage kidney failure, his kidneys were only functioning at 14%
in June of 2016 he reached the point where his kidneys could no longer function on their own so he started dialysis, in hopes it would maintain his remaining kidney function.
Unfortunately Sophorn has not been matched with a donor because none of his immediate family members match his blood type and the current wait list in ontario is 7-12 years for a deceased donor.

Because of sophorn’s decline in health and the countless number of doctors appointments Jaimee had to resign from her job in order to look after Sophorn and their daughter Audrey.

As such they have had no income, and the cost of travel, parking, living expenses has continued to add up.

As I write this he in the ER, awaiting to go to kingston hospital to see a Neurosurgeon for surgery.

Jaimee has been the rock for everyone during this difficult time and they still have a very long road ahead of them, i’d just like to lessen the stress and the financial burden for their family.

if you are able to contribute in any sort of way it would not go unnoticed and i can not think of a family who is more deserving!

Thank you and god bless!❤️


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