Jack was Fully Funded! Amazing!

Today we received news of one of the worst things that could happen, Our boy Jack has to get emergency stomach surgery in Kelowna in the next 24hrs. I can’t believe we have to ask for help knowing how much everyone is doing for their families during Christmas. We were shown the x-rays of his stomach and it has flopped over and bent down in the total opposite position its supposed to.  The medical profession call this chronic GDV.  Apparently it’s a rare and chronic case and something that will be fatal to Jack if the surgery isn’t done right away. We appreciate any help you can offer as we aren’t able to come up with $5,000 in the next day. We urge any of you with any furry family members to get pet insurance because no matter how young your loved ones are, things can happen just like this is happening to us. So much love and appreciation to everyone sending us the love and support we need for Jack during the hardest Christmas we are about to have <3 xo
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